Terms & conditions builder

Setting your terms and conditions for your commissioned artworks are important as it outlines clear expectations, rights, and responsibilities of both the artist and the client to mitigate potential disputes.

You have the option to manually add your own or you can also use our Terms and Conditions builder! Just select the appropriate option per category and click “Create Terms and Conditions”.

  • Usage rights - provides clarity on the ownership and how the artwork can be utilized by both the client and the artist

  • Watermark - helps to keep your rights to the art, ensures you get credit for your work, and acts as a deterrent against any attempts to remove or alter the watermark without your authorization

  • Revisions - provides clear communication regarding the extent to of revisions can be made. Specifying a certain number of revisions prevents clients from expecting unlimited changes or alterations that may go beyond the initial agreement.

  • Deadlines and delivery - ensures clear understanding of the timeframe for completing the artwork from initial sketches to final delivery. A rush order option can also be selected to allow expedited requests with additional cost.

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